Teeme Features

Atomic Collaboration

Small is powerful! Discover the power of small-grained collaboration. In Teeme we capture content and its all team interactions in a single structure - called ‘Leaf’. This is the building block of team collaboration. A tree connects all the submitted leafs to retain the context of collaboration. The 5 trees provided are Document, Discuss, Task, Notes and Contact. These cover most of the needs of a typical project requirements.

New World of Work

Designed for people working on mutiple projects with multiple teams across multiple time zones!

The 3Ts - Trust, Transparency & Traceability

Designed as an enterprise grade collaboration tool, it provides features for managing members, allowing partners to work as guests alongside employees whilst controlling their access to information. Teeme addresses the 3 key elements of enterprise collaboration - Trust, Transparency and Traceability.

Language Agnostic

It’s language agnostic - not only because it supports multiple languages –but a single project ,for example, run across US, Japan and China can use English as common language whilst Chinese and Japanese teams working in their native languages. (more languages support to follow)

Blurring Time!

Synchronous and Asynchronous at the same time! Teeme is designed for our always-connected-but-never-available world. The tools preserve context, so you can choose to work anytime.

Full Collaboration Spectrum

Teeme supports a full collaboration spectrum. Whilst most people usually work on clearly defined projects - there are still a lot of ideas and tweaks floating around within an enterprise, which need team bandwidth. These are supported through ad-hoc collaboration features in Teeme. Each member has a dedicated workspace called MySpace for them to keep individual work separate until they want to share it.

Security by Design

Teeme provides tailored security for enterprise deployment. Teeme product components can be deployed separately across network firewalls, so that enterprises can tailor security as per their policies. On the other hand, community management features allow members to access only the information they are allowed and for the specified duration.

Choice of Clouds

Your cloud or ours? Teeme is provided as a software-as-a-service offering with a major difference. You can either use our hosted product, or you may opt to deploy one within your own firewalls.

Beyond Task List

Teeme is designed to address the evolving nature of work and its relationship with people and enterprises. As an enterprise collaboration product it has features to support the full spectrum of collaboration and depth of tools (Document, Discuss, Task, Notes & Contact trees) to meet most of the project needs. If you work in a team you may want to have a look