Why Teeme?

Businesses need to collaborate both internally and externally. For historical reasons we are still using personal productivity tools in team environments. Typically this means that we individually create content and then share collectively using email. This Inbox based collaboration model lead to create-share-review-share-revise-share cycles. The following diagram depicts collaboration using Email and Wiki based systems:

[By Chris Rasmussen & Anthony Willians]

The content, communications and team interactions are all captured through different tools in different repositories! While desiging Teeme we addressed the followoing characterstics in the collaboration landscape -

  • To gain competeitive advantage business needs to partner with internal and external expertise on demand - even including clients and customers.
  • Business partners are not located in the same place and same time zone.
  • Though people are always connected - they are never available when you want them.
  • The devices used for work are getting smaller - making large document based collaboration harder.
  • The future of work - work itself has been evolving.

Teeme is desigend for small grain collaboration - delivering effective collaboration for distributed multi-disciplinary teams (employees, partners, suppliers and even customers - in different places and time zones). It also addresses key commercial concerns in managing collaboration namely trust management, transparency and traceability. Though Teeme uses social software concepts it applies them for real team work within enterprises. It enables collaboration through Co-Creation.

The following photos speak volumes about the difference between traditional collaboration tools (left) versus Teeme (right).